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Wiring the SCC-AO10

I am using a shielded cable for my signal wire when using a SCC-AO10 module.  Should I be grounding both ends of the wire?  If not, should the wire be grounded to the signal conditioning board or the instrumentation?  If I am grounding to the signal conditioning board, is wiring the grounding wire to the common(-) wire acceptable?
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Hello koen0073,

You should only ground at one end of the shield to avoid ground loops.  I am not an expert at grounding considerations, but this tutorial has loads of information about this.  It argues that you should ground the shield at the signal source and provides useful references you may be interested in.  If you ground to the signal conditioning board, all grounds are referenced to your DAQ device, so which ground you choose should not make a difference.

Hope this helps,


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