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Wiring Omega PX to USB 6218?


I feel like this is a stupd question, but I cannot figure it out for the life of me.


I have a pretty straight forward OMEGA pressure transducer configured for mV output (


It has 4 wires, white (+ output), green (- output), red (+ supply) and black (- supply).  I have a simple 12V (DC) power supply (wall plug) to supply the power (red to positive, black to negative), and I have the white and green wires connected to the + and - analog input of the DAQ (Ai1, 17/18). However, with NI MAX, I cannot see any signal being generated. I have tried different PXs, different inputs, seemingly everything, but I can't figure it out. The power supply shouldn't be the problem I don't think, it defintely has enough current and voltage.


Anyone have any idea? Thank you in advance.

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Page 15:


Pin17: AI1

Pin18: AI9


I haven't found what pins correspond to a differential input although the device is supposed to accept it.  If you use a DMM, what do you read across those pins?  If the measurement is what you expect, I'd imagine you need to make a change to a setting to allow differential measurement instead of single ended.  If you wire a ground to AI GND with your current setup, will you see a value in MAX?

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