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Windows7 freezes after a few minutes running using DAQmx9.8 & PCI-6224



When I transfered the PCI-6224 card from an old computer to a new one for data acquisition in the lab, I used the same VI to check if everything worked. The weird thing is that it worked for the first 10 to 30 minutes but then the windows froze and I had to power off the computer. But when I tried another program it worked prefectly. This problem has happened many times. I'm sure the PCI card is intact. I use Labview 2011 32bit, DAQmx 9.8, and Win-7 64bit, and a PCI-e to PCI adapter for the card. I attached the VI in the end.


Any comment or suggestion will be qppreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Hi Tingtingyang,


What other programs have you tried? Have you tried running a shipping example (Help>>Find Examples…>>Hardware Input and Output>> DAQmx >> Analog Input)? Running a shipping example will help verify that the PCI card is working.


Is there a reason that you are using the Continue if True loop condition rather than the Stop if True condition? Also, is there a particular reason that you are using a stacked sequence structure in a while loop to add channels to the task, read from the channels, then stop and clear the task? It is generally good practice to create the task outside the while loop, read the channels inside the while loop, then stop and clear the task outside the while loop. This avoids repeating steps unnecessarily. You can add multiple channels to a task as shown in the articles below:

Catherine B.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi Catherine,

Thank you very much for your reply. I tried a few things these days. First I was afraid the driver was not installed correctly so I uninstalled the driver and took out the card, and then installed the driver and then inserted the card. I did this for both DAQmx9.3.5 and 9.8, and the weird thing is that we used 9.3.5 before but now 9.3.5 did not work (it said device not present). Only 9.8 worked.

I am also pretty sure that the card is working properly because I used another program (also include stacked sequence, attached in the end) to acquire the data from a test and the results were expected. Also, the same problem is that after a couple of hours Windows froze. I do not know much about Labview programming and all the programs in our lab were created by a previous employee. But they all worked perfectly for many years.

In our lab, we used SCB-68 to collect temperature data and BNC-2111 to for load and displacement from the testing. I also attached the configuration for PCI-6224 as pictures. I created a virtual channel (shown as screenshot in the end). If I clicked the Run button for about 4-6 times the Windows froze. If I changed to acquire continuous samples, it would freeze after a couple of hours just like in the testing.

Thank you!

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I would be highly suspicious of the the PCIe to PCI converter. Try it in a pc with a native PCI slot.
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