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Why my DAQ still produce voltage when I aborted execution?

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Q1) Why my NI USB 6008 still produce voltage when i stopped it from run? I can still measure voltage from the analog output ( Aoo) using multimeter ?


Q2) How to use the stop(T) function in Labview DAQ assistant?

Can anyone help me?

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First, never use the abort button. Second, in order to change the voltage, you have to do a DAQmx Write.


The stop button in your while loop can be wired to the stop input.

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ok thanks, i will try.
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Can i just depend on DAQ Assistant for my build up circuit than using DAQmx write?
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Accepted by topic author veceeeee
It's up to you. The DAQ Assistant is just a big wrapper around the DAQmx functions.
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When i create 2 input channels in the DAQ assistant, the DAQ assistant do not show me which is my first data and second data. And so, i can't do my comparison . How?
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Don't know what you mean by the DAQ Assistant showing data. It returns data as dynamic datattype (evil thing). If you use the Split Signal function, the first element is the first channel you specify and the second element is the second channel you specify.
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Can I have a express function at block diagram which output a value result after comparsion, not a true or false value?  

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If you want to know the difference between two things, subtraction is the commonly used method.
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