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Why does daqmxbase RE-save all files before compiling

I am compiling LabView .vi's to run on ARM Touch Panel. Even if I save the files before hand every time I go to compile/deploy the code, it has to save some 300 sub vi's for DAQmxBase before it even begins to build the executable. It saves quite slowly too(3 minutes). When I save all right before I build, it saves them all within seconds, and therefore there shouldn't be any reason to re-save them.


Why is this redundant save step done, and why is it 1000x slower, and can I advoid it?

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Hi Laptopolus,


This is part of the build process. When you 'Save All' from the LabVIEW project, you're saving all of your project's VI hierarchy for a specific platform: LabVIEW hosted on an x86 desktop computer. When you start a build for the ARM touchpanel, LabVIEW then re-saves/re-compiles the project's VI hierarchy for the new platform: LabVIEW hosted on ARM embedded computer. This step is slow, as you've noticed, and also necessary for the build to complete.

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