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Which type of ADC or DAC is used in the NI 9205 and NI 9263 modules?



I am currently using NI 9205(±10 V, 250 kS/s, 16-Bit, 32-Channel C Series Voltage Input Module) and NI 9264(25 kS/s/ch Simultaneous, ±10 V, 16-Channel C Series Voltage Output Module), but I’m not sure which type of ADC or DAC is used in these modules.

I already read above link, but it isn't still clear.

Could you anybody let me know which type of ADC or DAC is used in NI 9205 and NI 9264 module?


I appreciate it in advance.




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NI 9205 ADC.png

NI 9205 is using 16-bit isolated ADC (Delta-Sigma ADC). Isolated ADC outputs a digital bitstream from a precise delta-sigma modulator capable of withstanding high common-mode voltages.
NI 9263 is using a 16-bit String DAC.

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