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Which USB DAQ can output high frequency signal (up to 5KHz)?

I'm trying to use Labview 7.1 to generate a sine wave up to 5 KHz and send this signal out through a USB DAQ. The board I have now is USB 6008 and it's analog output rate is only 150Hz. I have to find another cheap USB DAQ board to do the task. Can someone help?
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I would certainly not say cheaper Smiley Wink

But you do have  M series USB DAQ's  that can support much higher update rates for Analog output generation

that would be NI USB 6251 and NI USB 6259.

Hope this helps



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Thanks for your reply. I looked at the two DAQ boards. Yes, the output rate is way high enough to do the job. However, it also has 16 analog inputs that I don't need. Do they have any Analog Output DAQ boards which have such a high Analog output rate? I guess I just don't want to waste money on so many analog inputs...If it's just a couple of AIs, that's fine.

Thank you very much!

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LabVIEW User,

It would be about the same price to start, but our CompactDAQ line of Data Acquisition devices may better suit your needs. You could start out with a chassis and an AO module, then add modules as your system grows. Would that be an option?

Ryan Verret
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