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Which NI product for this app?

We are new to the NI product line and are considering their products for the
following application. Currently no hardware (PLCs,PCs, touchpanels, etc are
in place) We just have the machines.

A manufacturing floor has at least 5 machines that each need to be monitored
for 4 conditions. At this point they do not need to be "controlled" - just
monitored. The 4 conditions are (1-3) Down for: maintenance,materials,
engineering or (#4)machine running ok. The customer wants a light stack with
a different color steady light at each machine for each condition: Orange,
red, blue, green, respectively. They also want a key lock switch at each
machine to acknowledge a condition. We suggested a touch panel with Password
protection. We w
ant to offer them a system with or without PLCs (cost
comparison). They also want two monitoring stations(PCs) - 1 server & 1
client running WindowsNT. At this point they do not want these PCs
incorporated into their network. The customer also wants a LED message
display at each machine with approx 3 lines of text indicating the status,
time machine down, etc. They would also like a centrally located message
display with information about more than one machine.

They want to be notified by paging and possibly by e-mail (using
MSOffice).Reports need to be generated also. Historical data logging, etc..
This must be expandable - possibly 10 machines.
Which NI product would be most appropriate for this application?

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