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Where is the DAQmx Generate step option in the System idetification toolkit

In the NI Developer Zone, is a document that explain how optain a unknow plant model. The document is "Using National Instruments System Identification, Control Design and Simulation Products for Designing and Testing a Controller for an Unidentified System". In this document, the step number 2, when the procces require to generate the stimulus signal via "DAQmx Generate step to output the created signal as an analog signal on the DAQ card". the options of my Software, there aren't have this option. The version software is 2.0. How i do it¿?
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Hi Andreu-

In order to interface NI-DAQmx with the System Identification Toolkit you will also need to have SignalExpress installed.

If you have already installed SignalExpress but the steps are not showing up then I suggest uninstalling and reinstalling in order to ensure that all support has been installed for the System Identification Toolkit.

If you do not have SignalExpress or need more information, please check out

Thanks and have a great day!
Tom W
National Instruments
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