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What version of NIDAQ supports MC-MIO-16?

Subject line says it all. If I have a MC-MIO-16 or MC-DIO-24, what
version of NI-DAQ can I use under NT 4.0?
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Hi David,

According to the documentation which I have, the latest version of the driver that supports your board is nidaq 4.6.1; however, this is not supported at all under windows NT 4.0, but under NT 3.5, and under DOS or Win 3.x, unfortunately. Those boards are very very old. You can try out under NT 4.0, but I don't promise good results at all, because of incompatibility issues.

Hope this helps.

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According to my documentation, the only version of NI-DAQ that could be used with Windows NT 3.5.1 and the MC-MIO-16 (or MC-DIO-24) was NI-DAQ 4.6.1. This version of the driver can also be used under DOS or Win 3.x

You can download this version of the driver at the following link: All Versions: Data Acquisition.

Good luck with your application and have a great day!
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