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What parts of hardware do I need to perform this experiment (complete data acquisition system)



I want to buy a Data Acquisition System for an experiment in a structural engineering laboratory. In this experiment, I want to measure and store the following data:
1- Loads up to 500 kN applied from hydraulic jack (using one Load Cell)
2- Displacement (using 6 Linear potentiometers)
3- Strains (using 8 electrical resistance strain gauges)

4- Temperature (using 2 thermocouples) 

My question is what types of hardware do I need to purchase in order to be able to perform the experiment. What is the best type of DAQ for my experiment? 


Thanks in advance for your help. 





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Depending on your budget, you can try with a cRIO or with a PXI system. The NI website features a good configuration where you click your system together

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Thank you Lysabdros,


Quick question though, Can I use CompactDAQ?

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You could probably use CompactDAQ as the platform for this system. It will depend on your technical requirements though. cDAQ tends to have good performance and accuracy, while PXI has great performance and accuracy and cRIO allows for more reliable, embedded-type designs (with an FPGA onboard).


I would recommend giving our sales team a call at (877) 387-0015. They'll be able to set you up with an appropriate system and a quote in just one phone call.




Duncan Waldrop

Technical Support Engineer

National Instruments


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