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What is the (physical) pin numbering for the 777601-01 connector?

The 777601-01 is said to be identical to the the Tyco 2-5174339-5 connector.

But this connector has two rows of pins which are numbered; A1 to A34 and B1 to B34.


So how does that match with the 1 to 68 numbering scheme of the NI equipment?


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Looking at the Tyco head on (end opposite PCB pins) with the wider end of the connector on top:

A1 is the pin at top left, A34 is at top right.

B1 is the pin at bottom left, A34 is at bottom right.


If you have a one on hand or a pinout of the 777601-0, you should be able to cross reference to pins 1-68.


Hope this helps



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I see I have not been very clear in my question, so rephrasing: 



Using cable SHC68-68-EPM the NI-PCI-6229 DAQ board is to be connected to a "new to design" board.


On the board the 777601-0 connector is used. Which is a Tyco part with the A1~A34, B1~B34 numbering as mentioned.


So, how do the signals of the DAQ board relate to the numbering of the 777601-0 connector (or its cable-counterpart)?


I need to know just 3 or 4 signals to identify the numbering system used.


Unfortunatly the cable is not (yet) available..... so I cannot determine this by measurements.






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Hello Bas,


The pinout for the NI PCI-6229 is given in the specifications document.  This pinout also visually indicates what pin numbers correspond to the physical locations on the connector.  The SHC68-68-EPM cable is a straight-through cable, confirmed by looking at the wiring pinouts here.  You can use these to determine how the pins on your PCI-6229 map to the pins on the 777601-0 connector.



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Yes, I had found those documents.


The cable is specified as 1:1,  but as one connector uses the 1:64 numbering scheme and the other connector uses a two-row scheme, this does not clarify matters.


In the specifications (drawing) only the DAQ board side is shown.


I assume this drawing is valid for either side, but I hesitate to design a pcb based on such an assumption....







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It seems that in the prtevious post the Tyco connector drawing is taken from the datasheet, it shows the front view of the connector, not the rear view.

As such, the connectors are not correctly lined up.


Meanwhile I have received an awnser from NI via my customer.


The pinout is defined here:


Please note that the reference, at the bottom of the article, to the straight connector version points to the non-RoHS version, which has become obsolete.

The alternative can be found at


Bottom line, according to this information:

A1...A34 corresponds with 1...34

B1...B34 corresponds with 35...68


Fingers crossed....



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