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What is the multiplexing sequency for the DAQ cards?

I have a PCMCIA DAQ card (AI-16E-4). How does the multiplexing work on the that card?

In my setup I connect the same signal to channel 0 and channel 3 (differential termination). I notice that the acquisition of channel 0 is delayed by what appears to be half of the time increment between samples.

Does that sound right? I would have expected channel 3 to be delayed. Is there a way to know how the delay works?


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Hi Jerome,

The multiplexer(mux) on your card will sample all of the channels in order. That is, channel 0 will be sampled first, and the channel 1, and so on. What happens is the mux will then take all of those samples and send that information to the ADC. With Traditional DAQ, the convert of all channels will be done as quickly as possible between sample clocks.

I hope this helps. Have a Great Day!

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