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What is the minimum voltage that the capture card can recognize?

  Hello, everyone. I want to ask, I'm going to use pcie-7852 to collect analog voltage. His manual says that it can measure ±10v or ±0.1v, and then the resolution of the capture card is 16 bits. Does it mean that it does it? The minimum voltage recognized is 10v/65536=0.000152587v=0.1525879mv, and then 0.1v/65536=0.000001525879=1.525879uf, so the minimum voltage that this capture card can recognize is 0.1525878mv or 1.525879uv.
  Because I am going to collect a signal with a pressure sensor output of 20mv, if the minimum voltage recognized is 0.1525878uv, I only need to amplify the signal by 5 times, then I can input the signal to the capture card for collection, but if the minimum voltage recognized is 0.1525879 In the case of mv, I have to amplify the signal 500 times, which is obviously not reasonable.
  So what is the minimum voltage that this capture card can recognize?

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What manual are you looking at?  The User Manual and the Specification I found state that the 785x boards only have a 10V range.


As far as what the DAQ can pick up, what you really want is the accuracy, which the specification states is 3.97mV.  So you definitely want to gain this signal up.

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Sorry, it may be that I read it wrong. If the accuracy is 3.97mv, it may not meet my needs. I also have a board called sbrio-9637. I took a look. It can measure ±1v and the resolution is 16 bits. Yes, is the accuracy of the capture card 0.0000152587 (1/65536)? Or it cannot be calculated like this.

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