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What causes Run Time Error 10086 when attempting an external calibration with the Calibrate_E_Series funcition.

I am using Vb6(sp5), NT4, Component Works (latest), and Ni-Daq 6.9.1. The error occurs when using either a PXI-6052E or PXI-6070E. The Self Cal works fine but the external cal code generates this error during the call. The code used is taken directly from the programming example in the NI_DAQ programmers reference for the Calibrate_E_Series function.

The Error Text is:
Run-time error '10086':
The external reference is invalid
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I found a Knowledge Base about that error you can refer to. The KB, originally, talks about Labview, but, as Labview makes NI-DAQ function calls in the same way any other Software language, you can apply the same concepts when using VB. The link is:

and the KB number is 18TAPEY5

in case you prefer to search for it at our home page.

Hope this helps.

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