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VI Logger Scaling

I am using VI Logger in Measurement and Automation Explorer v4.1.0.3001.  The scaling function produces approximately correct results when the value in the slope is small (e.g. <5), but as it gets bigger, the values produced when acquiring data reach a maximum value then stop increasing according to the slope value.

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Hello CAGoss,


Could you give a little more information about what your settings are, such as the specified minimum and maximums in your task and the value at which the value stops increasing.  It would also be good to know what Data Acquisition device you are using to acquire your data.


What it sounds like is that you are getting data on your Data Acquisition card that is out of range.  This could either be a physical limit of the device or the device being set to a less than desired input range by Measurement and Automation Explorer.


If this is not the case let me know and give me a little more information and I will look into this further.

Dan King

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We have a USB-6815.  I found that the raw voltage values were correct.  The problem was just with scaled values.  I found that the problem was the input voltage max and min values.  Apparently, they refer to the scaled values, not just the voltages.  Thus when the scaled values exceeded the max input value, the measured value were limited by the max input value.  Thanks for your help!

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