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VI Logger Lite 2.0.1 in Windows 7 Database does not exist in the specified path.

I'm practically pulling my hair out.  I've got a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro, I installed the latest NI-DAQmx drivers (9.2.2) (MAX version 4.7.1).  Then, I install VI Logger Lite 2.0.1, then shutdown, install my DAQ cards with their RTSI cable (PCI-MIO-16E-4 both of them), connect up my SC-2345's (one to each of the PCI cards) each has 5-8 SCC-FT01's with various signals coming in to each (to be used in Differential mode).  I launch MAX, make a NI-DAQmx Task to gather data from the SCC on only one PCI device. I then create a VI Logger Task, select the NI-DAQmx task I previously created, leave all the default settings for data export.  When I click "Run task" the Task Validation box pops up with Error(s) heading opened with the error "Database does not exist in the specified path." In the bottom of the MAX window when "My VI Logger Task 1" is in the title bar, it says "Broken  - Press Run button for more details." in the status bar.


What's the deal? I need a solution as I have been working to correct this for several days now.  We had a previously working system that got hosed, (windows 7, VI logger, same hardware) and since I've tried to load a backup image with our NI setup on it, same database error, tried fully removing (using MSIBlast & deleting National Instruments trees in the registry) same database error, now I've tried a completely new install, following all NI directions to the T, and VI Logger doesn't work!


Please, I need any help and suggestions I can get to get this resolved.


P.S. We don't currently have the budget to buy a full version of Logger or Signal Express--especially since it was previously working. We may realign the budget if we see good reason.  We need a trial version that will export data that we can open and then manipulate in Excel.  Without even being able to get the Lite version to work, why would we buy a full version?

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Hi cmpete,


I understand your budget constraints and the free limited versions are intended to accomodate basic functionality.  VI Logger is the predecessor to Signal Express and is no longer officially supported, which means it is not tested for newer driver releases nor operating systems. As it has not been fully tested on Windows 7, I would highly recommend moving to SignalExpress LE. This is the free edition that will allow you to export data to Excel. It should already be installed if you installed NI-DAQmx; however, you may also download it.  For convenience this page details the functionality of Signal Express LE versus Signal Express Full.  The Getting Started with LabVIEW SignalExpress manual may be helpful in familiarizing yourself with the interface. 


However, I did find a previous instance of the "Database does not exist in specified path" issue in VI Logger that was resolved by making the registry modification below. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee this will address the issue completely as newer driver versions, OS support etc, may introduce unexpected behavior. 


  1. Uninstall VI Logger
    NOTE: Editing the registry is potentially dangerous. Making a backup is always a good idea.
  3. Reinstall VI Logger
Hopefully this helps
Steven K.
National Instruments
DAQ Software Engineer
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Thanks for the succinct and complete reply.  I'm quite sure I've tried that solution before, but I'll give it another shot.  In the meantime, yes, I've gone ahead and started using SignalExpress.


Thank you again for your time.



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