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Using traditional DAQ device (PCI-6713) with Labview 7.0

I am a novice at programming LabView, and I am having trouble getting the software to communicate with hardware.  I have a PCI-6713 which LabView 7.0 says is a "traditional DAQ" device only.  Thus I can't use the instrumentation assistant to set up the programming.  I think that I need the files AO, AO, AO, AO, etc, but those files do not exist in my installation, and I can't find them anywhere on the web.  Any assistance would be much appreciated.
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Hello utplasma,
The PCI-6713 is supported by NI-DAQmx, it is no longer a "Traditional NI-DAQ Device only".  You can get the most recent version of NI-DAQ here.  After installing NI-DAQ, you will be able to use the DAQ Assistant with the PCI-6713.
-Alan A.
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Thanks Alan.  I performed the upgrade, and now the PCI-6713 is listed under "NI-DAQmx" devices, which is good.  However, when I'm in LabView trying to run the instrumentation assistant, nothing happens.  The help file says something should come up, like a wizard, to guide me through the process of connecting to the hardware, but nothing happens.  Nothing happens if I double click on it.  Am I missing something else?  Thank you again for your help.
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Hello utplasma,

When you say "instrumentation assistant," you mean the DAQ Assistant, right?  When you place a DAQ Assistant on the block diagram, a window should open which will guide you through the process of creating a DAQmx Task.  Please see the screen shot below which shows the DAQ Assistant and where to find it in your function palette.

If you have placed the DAQ Assistant correctly and no window pops up (even when double-clicking), then I would try to reinstall your DAQ driver.  Let me know how this works out.

Sean C.

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Message Edited by Sean C. on 07-22-2005 11:13 AM

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Yes, I mean the DAQ assistant.  I just upgraded to DAQmx 7.5, but I will try reinstalling it.  In the help files, it says that if the Instrumentation Assistant Fails, try reinstalling it from the software CD.  I can't do that because this was installed from a central server, and the guys who run it says they've installed everything they have already.  I may try to get them to completely reinstall LabView.  I'll let you know what happens.  Thanks for the assistance.
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OK, now I have to plead ignorance.  There is a difference between the "Instrumentation Assistant" and the "DAQ Assistant."  So now, I've found the real DAQ Assistant vi, and it works great (after the upgrade, of course).  Thanks for your help, Alan and Sean.
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