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Using the Digital Filter function for Analog Edge Start Trigger

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Hi All,


I'm trying to set up the digital filter function for the Analog edge start trigger as detailed in the DAQmx help but I cannot see this property available in my LV vi. I'm using a PXI-6289 and have looked through many NI support pages and nowhere can I find that this is a hardware dependent property, apart from settable when running. As I'm not trying to set this when the task is running I don't think this is the issue. Is there a support page I've not come across yet that states that this property is hardware dependent, period? or should I be able to access this property for my hardware? I'm using DAQmx 18.5.




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I've been doing a bit more digging and it appears that this function is not supported by my hardware, in fact it's difficult to find hardware that does support this. The PXIe-6378 does support this function. Could I request that the DAQmx help file is updated to reflect that this function is hardware dependent and provide information on what hardware supports it, rather than a statement saying that hardware dependence is for when a task is running only as this is very misleading.

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Hey Nick,


I was just starting to take a look at your initial question when you posted your reply.


If you could point me to the particular place you thought the change should be made to the documentation I will take a look and see what I can get done about this!




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Hi Mitch,

The place is in the LV help file for "Start:Analog Edge: Digital Filter:Enable Property" and the issue is that the help says that this property is device specific for "Settable while task is running" when in reality it is device specific period.


Thanks for looking in to this,


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Hi Nick,


I have a bit more clarification on this for you.


Regarding the help file stating that the property is device specific, this refers to the ability to enable or disable the property after starting the task. If you are not familiar with the DAQmx Task State Model, I would suggest taking a look here.


Task State Model


The summary for the help file is that specific cards, such as the C, E, M, S, DSA, SC series cards, are potentially able to change this property after the DAQmx Task State changes to running, whereas others can only change it while the state is not running.



Regarding finding out which particular properties are supported by your card, there are documentation pages for each card which list all supported DAQmx properties. The page for your card can be found here:


NI PXI-6289 Supported Properties


As the property you were asking about, "Start:Analog Edge: Digital Filter:Enable Property", is not listed on this page, it is not supported by this card at all.


To try to make this information more available, I have also created a new Knowledgebase article summarising this information, and you can find this here:


Why Can I Not See Certain DAQmx Properties for My DAQ Card in LabVIEW?


Please let me know if you feel any more information would be beneficial!



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