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Using a PCI-6713 with a BNC-2090 accessory

Hi everyone,
I recently bought a PCI-6713 with a BNC-2090 accessory, my hope is to use them together for analog voltage outputs. Since buying them, I have been unable to put the 8 channels of output through the analog channels of the BNC-2090. I can get two output channels through the DAC0 and DAC1 channels, but I would like to get more. Can I switch something to get analog output channels through other outputs?

The manual for the PCI-6713 suggests a different accessory the BNC-2110. Do I need that to get the full output of 8 channels? I would rather use what I have right now, if that's possible.

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I figured it out: I needed to change the outputs to RSE instead of DIFF. Now all of my output channels work.

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