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Using a PCI 6024e, the data received in the CWAI subroutine is out of sequence.

Can anyone help me with transposed data received from a PCI 6024e card please?
Up to ten seconds of data is being stored in an array and then writen to a file from the CWAI acquired data function.  The data in the file, when graphed, appears to be stepped.  Data is transposed within the file.  1000 data points appear about 90 milliseconds early, displacing the 90 data points.
Sampling (.ScanClock.Frequency) is at 1000 per second.  1000 data points (.NScans) are processed at a time.
Many thanks.
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What version of Component Works / measurement studio are you working with? How are you transposing the data that you have logged in the file i.e. what function etc?  It may be helpful if you could attach the source file to a post for me to be able to trace through the code to gain a better insight into the problem. I gather you acquire 1 data point per millisecond.
How have you triggered the acquisition?
This link describes Logging Data to Text Files using the ComponentWorks CWAI control in Visual Basic.
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