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Using PCI-6221 Digital Output to perform GMW 3172 Nov 2012 Section 9.2.18 Switched Battery Lines

Greetings all! So glad I figured out how to post my question...


I am trying to program a simple digital waveform out a PCI-6221 or PCI-6132 S Series, the timeing for this in the micrseconds. 

GMW 3172 Nov 2012.PNG



Code for switched battery lines.PNG


Problem is I can not get it out to the PCI card.. I got everything else completed, but have not been able to read it out my PCI card.. any suggestions?

Thanks all for any help given.

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Don't use 1Samp mode.
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can't believe that I missed that... 

I changed it to N Sample Waveform, but still am not seeing anyhting on the digital output. any other suggestions? 

Thanks for your help!

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All of your setup is hidden in the task that you created so I have no idea what else might be wrong. Do you get an error?
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should it be a task? I have it as a Global Channel.


I am not recieving any errors but here is the NI Max Configuration.NI MAX Setup.PNG

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It looks like the digital channel is set for a software timed single sample. If you create a task, you can specify timing. There are also examples that you can look at where the timing and other configuration is set on the block diagram. You need to provide a clock source and use the correlated I/O pins for a hardware timed output.
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