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Using GPIB, and connected to the device w/ drivers, why does the device not respond?

Glad you got it to work but enabling tulip support is not normally required. With a fresh install on a computer that has never had any GPIB controller, the default of tulip disabled is just fine. The fact that you did have to enable tulip support points to something that was corrupted in the NI-VISA install or something that was not removed when you did the Keithley uninstall.
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You are right that I don't (and shouldn't) need tulip -- the passport that I was referring to is the NiVISA passport for GPIB.
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Sorry, didn't mean to refer to tulip. It's been my experience that the default installation does enable the passport for GPIB and that's why I mentioned a possible problem with the install or uninstall. I don't even have a GPIB board in this pc and all passports except for tulip are checked.
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