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Using 2 versions of NI-DAQ

I have to use NI-DAQ 6.9.3 to support a legacy device that was discontinued from later versions. However, we are now planning to use the same system with new hardware, the NI 6723 AO card. Presumably since this is a more recent product it will need a new version of NI-DAQ to be installed, but will this break the old test program using the legacy card?
The old test program was written in LabWindows, but the new hardware will probably be configured with a LabView program. If I can't develop applications on one system with 2 versions of NI-DAQ, would it be viable perhaps to compile the legacy app in LabWindows using a separate development system with NI-DAQ 6.9.3 to make a run-time executable, and then install this on the test system which has the new LabView application and new NI-DAQ?
I'm expecting that if NI-DAQ is linked as a dll rather than a static library, then it won't be possible. Is there a static linking option?

any other ideas?

Ta for any advice
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According to this, the 6723 is only supported by DAQmx. This is a completely new and different driver than the traditional NI-DAQ 6.9.3. You can have both DAQmx and traditional DAQ installed so you should have no problems (aside from learning DAQmx).
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Just to clarify, the 6723 does require DAQmx and current versions of Traditional DAQ are compatible with DAQmx, but unfortunately DAQmx and Traditional DAQ 6.9.3 and before will not work on the same machine. Working with a run time executable won't help either, it will require Traditional DAQ 6.9.3 to be installed.

What device are you using that requires 6.9.3? 

Andrew S

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Dennis, thanks for the link to the list of supported versions

Andrew, darn it! Just when I thought it was going to be plain sailing...  I'm using a DAQCard1200 in a laptop, and I was planning to use the same laptop with a link cable to host a portable PXI test system with the PXI6723. Looks like I'm going to need a new laptop or a new version of DAQCard. Not very ecofriendly to have to get new hardware just to resolve software compatibility problems but c'est la vie.

thanks for the advice


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