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Use USB 6009 to record data at every 0.0002 sec

Hi all,
I need to measure the impact load on driven pile by using 2 strain gauges and 2 accelerometers at every 0.0002 seconds. Are USB 6008 and USB 6009 suitable ?
Thanks and Best Regards,
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Although your USB 6008 and 6009 are capable of acquiring signals at sampling rate of 5K samples /sec ( at every 0.0002 sec)
They are not the ideal hardware for strain and accelerometer measurements because of its resolution limitations ( 12 bits)
Strain and accelerometer measurements normally require a hardware with much higher resolution
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Hi Hien,

The 6008 is not a suitable card for you to use as the analog input rate is too slow for your application. It can only do 10KS/s aggregate (total for all channels). This means that using 4 AI channels, you could only run at a rate of 10K/4 = 2.5KS/s. The 6009 is suitable, but devchander has a good point that it is still not the best for your application. For strain and acceleration measurements, I would suggest either our SCC series or CompactDAQ which have signal conditioning for these measurements. Please see below for links.

SCC -- Portable, Low-Cost Signal Conditioning

NI SCC-ACC01 - Accelerometer Input

NI SCC-SG Series -- Strain Gauge Input

NI CompactDAQ

David L.
Systems Engineering
National Instruments
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Thanks for your suggestion


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