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Upgraded system with PCIe 6320 not communicating with SC-2345 front end terminal block

Good day!

I have had a system operating successfully for 15 years using the PCI 6221 DSP board and the SC-2345 block terminal with 6 ACC001 accelerometer modules and one AI01 analog voltage input module.  It has worked with Windows XP and Windows 7.

I recently had a computer die and had to go with a new Windows 10 computer with the new PCI e slots.  I upgraded to a PCIe 6320 DSP board, since I do not require any voltage outputs.

I downloaded DAQmx15 and ran NI MAX.  The PCIe 6320 DSP board was recognized and says it is functioning properly.

When I create the SC-2345 block terminal, the creation is straight forward.  The PCI e 6320 digitizer shows up, the PWR is correct (factory provided Universal Power Supply), the modules are populated, etc.

I finish and the SC-2345 shows up under Devices and Interfaces, but there is a '0:' in front of the name and if I test it, I get a communicating error.  The name of the device should be 'NI SC-2345 "SCC1"', but it shows up as 

'0: NI SC-2345 "SCC1"'.  There is no explanation in any documentation for this change or the error I get.  Can anybody help?!!!


Ron Brook

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Well, I guess when NO ONE speaks up to help, one is stuck with solving it themselves.   I did some research and found that I was not loading the correct DAQmx drivers for Windows 10.  I loaded DAQmx1800f1 and everything is working fine.  I will give myself kudos......

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Hi what version on Labview are you using? I am having the same issue when using the daqmx 20.0 but if I attempt to uninstall that it requires I uninstall labview 2020.  Did you revert labview back to 2018 or earlier? 

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