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USB6363 - Cannot connect terminals?

So I have a VI that uses a master pulse generator and I am using the USB6363 as an AO.  I have set up so that the pulse generator triggers to APF1 and mirrors it to ao/StartTrigger, but I get the following error


DAQmx Connect<append>
<B>Source Device: </B>Dev4
<B>Source Terminal: </B>APFI1
<B>Destination Device: </B>Dev4
<B>Destination Terminal: </B>ao/StartTrigger


Not sure what that means or why this is happening.

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Hi jmaslek,

could you please post the code?

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I encountered the same problem. Do you remember how it was solved at the time?


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From what I recall, the computer just needed to be restarted and daqmx reinstalled.

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