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USB6343, how to generate multiple analog outputs from a single input digital clock?

Hi guys,


This is probably a very simple tuneup, and I wonder if somebody can give tips.


I want to send one continuous saw-tooth way to, say channel 0 of my USB6343, and one continuous sinusoidal wave to channel 1, but both of the the waves should be synchronized by a common external clock, e.g., 32 kHz. NI DAQ does have sample C code for one analog output (Cont Gen Volt Wfm-Ext Clk), but the software stops at DAQmxWriteAnalogF64 when I'm trying to duplicate the same work for the second channel. I guess it is probably only a quick setup of AO parameters.


Many thanks in advance.



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I believe you are only able to do one Hardware time trigger see the solution on :


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