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USB6212 (BNC) analog inputs question.

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I have a 6212 DAQ that we want to use to gather data from 10 sensors. There are only 8 analog inputs that are obvious to me, and they are working fine and collecting the data we need. This is just from looking at the test panel in NImax and shining a light at the sensors. The manual I was given for this device states that it has 16 analog inputs (it says the same thing on the NI page for that DAQ), and I'm wondering if maybe I have to configure one of the other inputs to work as an analog input (which per the manual does not seem possible but I'm hoping someone here can prove me wrong). I'm starting to think maybe the "16 analog inputs" means signal and ground for 8 sensors? I've tried messing around with config settings to see if I can pick anything up from the last 2 sensors but I have not come up with anything. 


The 8 sensors that are currently working are using the bottom 8 BNC ports on the DAQ. 


If anyone can be of any help or give me a push in the right direction that would be great, or even tell me that what I'm trying to do isn't possible with this device.




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The device is equipped with 8 differential analog inputs, which are the BNC connectors you see in the device. These 8 differential analog inputs (which require a positive and negative terminals for each) can work instead as 16 single reference analog inputs (which require just one pin and measure against the AI GND).


Please refer to the NI USB-621x User Manual (PDF page 161) for more wiring directions in these two modes.


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