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USB6009 with Visual Studio 6.0

I'm trying to use NI-USB 6009 supported by NIDAQmx using Visual C++ (Visual Studio 6.0). I've been used NIDAQ driver for traditional DAQ board, but this is the first time to use NIDAQmx driver.
I wonder whether NIDAQmx supports Visual C++ (Visual Studio 6.0), and what's the function name and location?
Thanks ahead for some replies..
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DAQmx does support C++.   You can find the function calls in the DAQmx C Reference Help.  You can access this file from the start menu.
Start --> All Programs --> National Instruments --> NI DAQ --> NI-DAQmx C Reference Help
Index for DAQmx, and you will see a list of the function calls to the DAQmx driver.  If you do not have this file, you will probably want repair the NI-DAQmx driver installation and tell it to install help for C++ when it installs.  This will only need to be done if you didn't have C++ installed when you installed DAQmx.  Happy hunting!
-Jeff P.
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Hi All-

You may also need to configure your USB-6008/9 for use with NI-DAQmx using the instructions in this KB.


Tom W
National Instruments
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Thanks a lot.. It seems almost same as traditional NIDAQ usage.
Thank you again.
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