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USB DAQ 6008 not able to connect

hi, need help with connecting DAQ 6008 device to my computer. kindly help to source the drivers and interface software. I downloaded NI MAX and the device does show up there, but doesn't connect. Am using win11 on i5. 


actually this is device I bought in 2005, but for long it was not used. Now I need it to check by Arduino project. the device is usbDAQ/108.


so first question, is it possible to use this CEC device with NI software, knowing that originally its from NI.

secondly where I can find the driver and software. 



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You need NI-DAQ™mx to use USB-6008.

For the programming, you can use LabVIEW or a text-based programming language (C/C++, .NET, Python). If you are using it for non-commercial and non-academic purposes, you can use LabVIEW Community 

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than Zyong, tried didn't work. am attaching the screen shots. the device appears in the list, but no connecting. I found a very old copy of software, I think this was from 2010...

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There are two USB DAQ devices from your images.

USB-600x is from NI and you can use the NI-DAQmx driver to detect it.

CEC usbDAQ/108 is not made by NI but by company CEC. Seems like the company is gone so I am not able to find anything about the driver for this device online. I found a very old thread saying that you might be able to use DAQmx Base with it, but it is not officially supported. Labview 8 demo - aquiring signal

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hi, the CEC daq is 6008 from inside, so I thought it might work with NI drivers. Yeh, CEC is gone or changed. I do have the old software which came with it, doesn't work with Win10 or 11. I tried NI mx base, but no luck.  

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If you're sure, there is a USB-6008 inside your CEC DAQ, then sure, DAQmx is the driver.

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