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USB-6525 and USB-6000 Both will Not show up in Max at the same time

I am having issues with these 2 DAQ's working together on the same PC.  At first with my old LabVIEW 2011 SP1 PC the USB-6525's we working and everything was fine.  Then I Introduced a new USB-6000 to the Mix.  It was unrecognized by NI MAX.  I then read a few articles and decided to update that PC to the new DAQmx 19.1 which came with the CD for the USB-6000.  Now the USB-6000 is recognized and the 2 USB-6525's are not.  I have tried the FWUpdate.exe and no devices are recognized by it.  Any other suggestions to help bring my 6525's back online?


Thank You!


Update - My DAQmx Device Driver 19.1

               My DAQmx Base 3.4.5

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Hi, May you please try disconnecting everything and updating daq driver through NI Package manger and then connecting back all HW one by one to the PC and check the result. 

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