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USB-6501 as Stepper Motor Driver

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I've been away from LabVIEW for a while (6 years or so) and I have a small task to achieve and am really struggling to get started.


I have Labview version 8.6 and a USB-6501 DIO.  I need to drive a stepper motor which requires 4 inputs (in my case Port 2 (0 to 3)) and depending on the phase of these 4 signals with respect to each other (its an H-Bridge circuit) will cause the motor to drive forwards or backwards.


I started with the DAQ assistant and I appear to be successfully communicating with the DIO and Motor, but I'm not at the stage of being able to produce my 4 signals.  I know the USB-6501 needs to be controlled with timing (as opposed to generating a function train for example).  However I'm stuck getting started as my potential solutions seem very long winded as I was wondering if there was a quick and easy solution to producing my 4 signals?  I'm sure I am missing something.


Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated as I am very rusty and I don't have long to find my solution.




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I've fixed my problem.... 🙂

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Hi KJG76,


I know it has been awhile but would you be able to provide the solution to your problem? I am currently in a similar situation although have extremely limited LabVIEW experience.



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