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USB 6363 with mass termination connected to SCXI 1000 does not work

NI MAX is not recognizing the 1520 modules inside the SCXI 1000.  When I click on "Devices and Interfaces" > "Create new" > "Ni DAQmx SCXI Chassis" > "  SCXI-1000, the screen "SCXI chassis configuration does not show the 1520 modules inside the SCXI 1000! What could be wrong? I'm doing  exactly  (in terms of cabling)  as mentioned in "".

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I don't recall SCXI devices within the chassis getting automatically recognized by NI MAX, so you have to just select it out of the pull-down selection.

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It does recognize SCXI modules when I connect SCXI 1000 to PCIe - 6341 board.

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Are you connecting the cable to connector 0 or connector 1?

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I have tried this procedure on both connectors. None worked.

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