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USB 6343 XSeries Documentation for "DAQWriteNChanNSamp1DDigWfm"

Hey guys,


I write a wrapper in python. At the moment i'm looking for the function "DAQWriteNChanNSamp1DDigWfm". These function i used to generate

a digital waveform in labview and now i will do it in python, but there is no documentation. Other functions are declared in the "NIDAQmx.h".


In Labview i found this prototype for the function (it's located in "nilvaiu.dll"): "int32_t DAQWriteNChanNSamp1DDigWfm(uintptr_t taskID, double timeout, uint8_t autoStart, const HWAVES  data, uint32_t *nunmSamplesWriten, LStrHandle extendedErrorInfo);"


This doesnt look like the other prototypes.


Can anyone help me (code in C would be great too)?




PS: in Python I get a WindowsError: exception: access violation writing 0x00000000

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I found a solution for my problem.


I used "DAQmxWriteDigitalLines" Function for creating a Waveform, but now i have another problem with the buffer.

It's impossible to generate a waveform higher than 20kHz. In Labview is it possible, I dopn't know the reason for this problem.

I think there is a problem with the used buffer.


Can anyone help me?

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    I am facing the same problem, can you share the python code?





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