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USB 6225 connection configuration



I am trying to connect 80 analog inputs to a USB 6225 DAQ. They are wired in the RSE configuration. I have been following the connection diagram in Singal Express 3.0 but am confused about the wiring. It tells me to connect the negative end from analog inputs 49 to 55 to pin number 79. Pin 79, however, is also the postive analog input for channel 70. This doesn't seem correct to me as AI79 is not a ground terminal. I suspect they should be wired into the pin 72, which is the ground terminal for the adjacent connections. Can anyone help clear this up?





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Hi Tim,


I think you are correct. It looks like a minor bug in Signal Express.


If you just try to use channels 49-55 (I tried 47 to 55 also) alone, it gives the correct connection diagram. Moreover if all channels are selected for AI70 also uses pin 79. So obviously it is a mistake in the connection diagram.What happebns if you use the right connection, is it acquiring value  for 49-55 correctly?


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Thanks for the help. I wired it up as discussed but I have run into another problem, which may or may not be related.

I have started a seperate thread here. 

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