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USB 6218 NOT recognized

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I need some help to understand (and maybe solve Smiley Wink ) a problem with a USB 6218 device.


In some of our test bed systems, for engine testing, we have NI USB 6218 devices for additional analog input.

After some monthes of normal activity, when i plug the usb 6218 into a specific computer, it isn't recognized correctly and it doesn't work anymore.

In Max it appears as shown in the attached picture.


  • The computer where the system is installed is a Win7 x64.
  • Tests were done with DAQmx drivers 9.6.2 and 14.0.
  • Different USB cables
  • Different 6218 devices
  • Different computers with the same software installed
  • Other USB device, like HD WebCams, are working properly.

Do someone had a similar problem? Any advice is very appreciated 


Thank you very much for your help


Davide Galli



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So it is behaving similarly on another computer as well? Have you disconnected all signals to the board? If so I would suspect the device and call NI support for options.

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Hi Davide,


did you try to change USB port. Do you have an USB Hub or a direct connection?


You can try with suggested steps.


If they don't work, you can try with a DAQmx repair. Or with a MAX "Reset COnfiguration Data" (Tools -> Reset Configuration Data)


Kind Regards.




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I checked the option and NI Device Loader is running and automatically lauched. I tried also to reboot the service but nothing changed.

I already tried "Reset Configuration Data" from Max without success.


Of course the test was made over different USB devices: front usb connectors and on a secondary PCI USB usb controller.


The test was done also with the USB-6218 without any connection.


Thank you for your help

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Did you try the USB ports on the back?

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Accepted by topic author Davide_Galli

I tried almost everything...


The solution was "FORMAT C:"

With a new installation of Windows  7 64 the problem disappeared!


Thank you for you help! 😉

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