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USB-6210 is loaded as Firmware Loader instead of correct device

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When I plug in my new USB-6210 windows loads it as a "Firmware Loader" rather than the correct device. As a result, MAX does not recognize the device. Yes, I have the latest drivers and yes, I have already read thru the other posts on the support sites. The Device Loader service and the configuration manager service are both "Started". Please advise!

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Hi salorenzo,


Does the device's icon in Device Manager have a 'X', '?', or '!' overlay? If so, does the device's settings page in Device Manager display an error code?


Does Event Viewer display any "NIPAL" or "NIPALK" related events?

What version of Windows are you using?


Are you logged in to the PC on the console or over Remote Desktop?



Brad Keryan
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Thanks for the response. See my solution in response to my original post.

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Accepted by topic author salorenzo



The cause was that McAfee had blocked the "NI PAL Service Manager", (NIPALSM.EXE). This apparently caused the "NI Device Loader Service" to stop running properly which in turn caused the system to fail to properly recognize the USB-6210. Other symptoms included:


1. A failure to show a properly installed cDAQ chassis or it's plug-in in MAX. The chassis appeared in the computer's Device Manager as a NI DAQ Device, but would not appear in the device list in MAX.

2. The Device Loader Service would not start automatically. If the service was started manually it would not function or it would simply "Stop" itself.


These issues were experienced on a Dell Latitude laptop running Windows 7 Proffessional, Developers Suite 2013, MAX 5.4 and McAfee version 6.0.0.

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Hi salorenzo,


Which McAfee product are you using?



Brad Keryan
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My card was recognized as soon as I manually started the service NI Device Loader in the Windows -> Control Panel -> Services  list


Although it should have been started automatically!

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