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USB 6008 software for data aqusition

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I'm just wondering if someone can steer me in the right direction. Looking for simple to use, already made software for my USB6008.  I just need to view multiple analog signals at the same time 0-10v @ 1ms sample rate. 

Plus, a bonus would be if I could also set channel output (command) voltages.

I am finding signal express cumbersome & not easy to use. Not sure if it's me, or??? All the other stuff in signal express is unecessary for my needs. Just want a simple start/stop aquisition of differential input signals, and ability to send commands (voltage setpoints) to help me tune PID loops.

Can anyone help?

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Hi GG,


I can't speak for third party software, but have you tried DAQExpress? You may find the experience to be less cumbersome using DAQExpress than SignalExpress. There are some pre-made analog input/output examples you can run with that software and the DAQmx driver.




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