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USB 6008 .net example, digital change detection get error

  I am using the USB 6008 with and I am trying to run the the ReadDigChan-ChangeDetect example but I get an exception that says:
Requested value is not a supported value of this property
Property: NI....SampleTimingType
Request:  ...ChangeDetection
Can Select ...OnDemand
Sample Code: -200077
  I haven't altered the code so I'm not sure why it wouldn't work.  Thanks
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You get the not supported property error because change detection is not supported with the USB 6008. The digital I/O on the USB 6008 only has the on-demand timing mode. That means all digital I/O is software timed. If you need to detect the change of state of one of the inputs, you have to do it in software by doing a continous read and analyzing the results in your code.
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Thanks for your response!
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