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USB-6008 driver not installed with NI-DAqmx software

I can't get windows XP to recognize my USB-6008 DAQ when it is plugged into the computer.
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Hi barbero,

Thanks for posting on the NI Discussion Forums!  I understand you are having difficulty getting Windows XP to recognize your USB-6008.  I have a few questions for you.

1) Have you ever used this device before?

2) Is this a new device? 
3) Have you tried a different USB port or a different computer?
4) Are you able to get other USB devices to be recognized in the Device Manager?

5) What version of NI-DAQmx do you have installed?  You can check this in Measurement & Automation (MAX).  Go to Start»Programs»National Instruments»Measurement & Automation.  Expand the Software tab in the configuration tree.

6) Have you checked to see if you have any 3rd party software installed that may be interfering?  I mention this because there are other posts on this forum with this issue.


Let me know if you were able to take a look at some other posts with this similar issue.  If you go to our main discussion forum post page, and search for "usb 6008 not recognized", you will get many hits.  Another thing to check within your device manager, is if the USB-6008 is being recognized as a VISA device.  If this is the case, launch MAX.  Go to Tools»NI-DAQmx Configuration»NI-DAQmx USB Driver Selector to switch your device to a NI-DAQmx device.

Rod T.
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