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USB-6008 Plug-in replacement

Hello all.


We use the USB-6008 in a machine. Now we need to replace this defective device.

The question is: Is there a channel, where we can buy these modules again, they are no more listet at NI. Or is there a plug-in replacement-module that needs no software-change?


Unfortunately there is no possibility at NI Homepage to ask this question, in my opinion a very bad behaviour, but maybe the community can help me?


Thanks for any reply


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If you do a search for USB-6008, there is a link there to "Contact Us".  You can probably use that to get a hold of somebody in NI to buy one.


But if you are looking for a replacement, it would be helpful if you told us what functionality and requirements you need.  Software-wise, almost any DAQ from NI will use the DAQmx.  You should state what version of DAQmx you are using as well so we can double check compatibility.

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Hi Bosshard,


Did you ever find a drop-in replacement for the USB-6008?  




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No, unfortunately not. There was no real help from NI.

Mabe you can find some used parts on market-platforms like eBay.

We switched to a different hard-soft-platform with better availability.



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