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USB 6008 Analog Output

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     I am currently using the analog output function on my USB 6008, however the analog output from AO1 suddenly maxed out at .7V.  I have attempted using the test panel to output something else, but it stays stuck at .7V.  I suspect I may have fried something in the board.  Is there any easy fix for this or will I need to find a replacement board?  Thanks.

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Are you connecting something to that Analog Output or you're measuring it without load?


Check my post in: USB-6008 Analog Output Not Working


All the best,

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I am measuring without a load; just a multimeter.

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Hello tlestak,


The USB-6008 also has a 5V output pin (I believe is 31 for that device). If you probe between that pin and ground, I would expect the millimeter to read very close to 5V. If it's not the case, I suggest trying another multimetre (just to make sure we discard that being a problem), and sending the card for repair if the output is still not 5V with a second one.


If we do output 5V in the card, it would be good to make sure we're measuring the AO correctly after outputting the voltage in NI MAX. Probe the AO0 and GND while setting the output to 5V in NI MAX.

2019-08-15 09_03_53-Dev 2019 on USAUSLT-DEL5491 - Virtual Machine Connection.png


If you don't see the correct measurement, I would be more inclined to think the AO circuitry is damaged.


All the best,

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