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USB-6008 Analog Output Not Working

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     I am attempting to use the USB-6008 to output 5V to operate an actuator.  I am able to measure 5V correctly when connected to a multimeter, however when I connect to my actuator, the output drops to .07V.  I was wondering if the USB-6008 or DAQ Assistant have some sort of limiter that may be kicking in?  Thank you.

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What actuator are you connecting to the output, tlestak?


If it is trying to draw more current than the one the card can provide (5 mA according to the specifications sheet), I would expect to see that behavior.



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Yes that seems to be it, thank you.  Any ideas for a work around?  Most actuators I see use more than that (currently using assured automation R4 series valve).

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I believe the workaround is to amplify your signal to source more current. I'm not familiar with those valves, but perhaps a Current Amplifier can do the trick. Texas Instruments has some example circuits.


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