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USB 6008/9

When the USB 6008 powers up, all I/O is set to inputs.  At the time when the I/O is set
to outputs is the default state a high?  Is  there a glitch on the output
during this process.  I want to connect this card to a device that has an active
low pulse trigger and don't want it to trigger at the power up of the USB card.
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Hi Kray-

When the I/O lines are configured for output they default to a logic high (i.e. 5V) output state.  The device specifications do not include any specification about the glitch associated with the configuration change, but the glitch should be small.  If you need well-regulated glitch-free startup you could also consider a more robust industrial digital I/O device.

Hopefully this helps-

Tom W
National Instruments
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