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USB-6002 physically unstable

I am using the USB-6002 AI of 0-2v signals from pressure sensors.  Everything seems to be fine unless i bump the table or the USB cable, or pick up the USB-6002 box.  Then the voltage signals spike to ±5 volts or more.  I made a little movie at this link until the end of  02/19/19:

The photo below is from that video.

I am using Referenced input with common ground and using the  +5v out to two sensors, and powering the other two sensors with external +5v.

It seems to me like something is loose inside the 6002 box? 


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I would look for loose wires or wire shorts. I would also look at the cable to the Daq. I would suspect that you have a broken wire or something is shorting.

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Thanks for the feedback. Last night I unplugged all wires, and just picked up the box touching the connector and got a .5vdc spike in voltage.  Then held it down so the USB cable didn't move and tapped lightly on top of the case, then pushed a little on the AI terminal connector and got .3vdc spikes.  I am working with one of the tech service engineers now to see if they know what is wrong.  I think it needs replacement.

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