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USB-6000 series Digital I/O switching

Regarding the USB-6000 series of DAQ modules, I need both 10 Digital Inputs and 10 digital outputs.  Since the I/O is switchable, can I switch the function of the I/O in the VI, or does it need configured in the VI and left that way?





metzler CLAD
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I would say both yes and no.


The "yes" part: most digital IO devices allow you to switch between read and write behavior by stopping one type of task and then starting the other type.  


The "no" part: in a given wiring setup, it matters what's on the other end of that digital input or output.  It's unlikely to make sense to toggle between input and output mode for a particular digital line, because that won't make sense for the equipment that line is wired to.



-Kevin P

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  Yes, you can switch them in the VI. For 10 Bidirectional digital channels requirements you would be looking at some models like USB-6001 that includes 13 channels.


The NI USB-6001/6002/6003 has 13 digital lines: P0.<0..7>, P1. <0..3>, and P2.0. D GND is
the ground-reference signal for digital I/O. You can individually program each line as input or
All digital input and digital output updates and samples are software-timed. 


You can also review User Manua:  page 21 for furthersafety recommendations to avoid damaging devices.

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