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USB-6000 bare bones board (PCB)

Hello NI Community,

1, Can I install and run a USB-6000, USB-6008 or USB-6009 or other hardware generally, with Labview community version installed on my home machine? I do have a fully registered version of Labview 7 in the background.


2, I just received a USB-6000 for the start of a home development project it is slightly lower in spec when compared to USB 6008 and 6009. I thought this would be a good entry level point for the DAQ part of my project.


The board arrived and is as expected a bare bones PCB, I did think the device would ship a USB cable and/or pointer to driver website. I did find the online user guide (showing the fully cased version) which then mentions inserting the supplied DVD. I tried to download NI DaqMX which which after downloading for half an hour popped up a 'FAILED'. I thought there would be either a URL pointing me to a driver or included DVD. Am I misunderstanding, maybe the board is intended to be a swop out for failed PCB in the full cased version.


My board does register in NI MAX but I and sure it  requires a driver of some sort and a test panel. Am I missing the point somewhere here, I just really need a plug in, configure and use device with screw terminal access for sensor. The USB-6009 is looking like the better option with a case, DVD driver, USB cable, screw terminal.


Any guidance here would be really appreciated, thanks.



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Hi Community,

Following on form the earlier post I managed to successfully install NI DaqMX which also added the MAX Test Panel plus the DaqMX Labview library and I an see basic analogue data on the Test Panel monitor. The question: does Labview community edition allow connection with external hardware is 'yes' for the USB-6000, I can make a start on the project now :0)



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