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USB-1616HS-4 shows voltage on digital input

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I have a USB-1616HS-4. It shows 3.3v on pins C4 and C5 which are configured as digital input and with nothing connected to those pins.  C0 to C3 and C6 to C7 do not show a voltage value.  This is with nothing attached.  Is this correct behavior or am I lost more than I thought?  I'm pretty new to DAQ in general, so I'm assuming there is something simple I am unaware of.  


Project:  I am updating an old inspection program that was written in VB6 and used a DAQBook/100 over a parallel port to collect data.  I'm using Vb.Net and the above mentioned USB-1616HS-4.  


Any hints or help would be most appreciated.



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The USB-1616HS-4 is a Measurement Computing product. You will probably get better support going through their support resources.

Brandon Streiff ·
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Well, not quite the answer I had hoped, and maybe a little embarrassing for me and my internet navigation skills.  But it is probably the most useful one I was going to get here.  🙂



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