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Two DAQ-boards in one PC problems.


I'm trying to use a PCI-MIO-16E-4 and a PCI-6031E in one PC
(win98,P3,733 Mhz,384MB RAM) using NI-DAQ 6.7 and Matlab 5.3
(Data Acquisition Toolbox 1.0.1).
The boards are trigged by the same external trigger but have different
samplerates. I use the 16E-4 as both output (dual DMA) and input
(single DMA) and the 6031E as input (single DMA) only.

I can create objects for both boards in the same Matlab program without
problems but when the output starts it is cut off or doesn't output anything
at all. I've tried to issue the start-command for the different boards at
different times and it seems like the start-commmand for the 6031E is
the problem.
What's wrong? Is Matlab incapable of handling two boards
? Or is it some kind of system limitaton?

I would appreciate it if you would like to send your answers to my email
since I'm not visiting this newsgroup very often.

Thanks in advance!
Joacim Karlsson
Cetus Systems, Sweden
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I would assume that this is a MatLab problem. Although I don't have a whole lot of MatLab experience, I have run simultaneous boards (similar to the ones you have) at the same time with both input and output on both, and have had no problems. Therefore, I don't believe that this is a hardware problem.

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